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Uyuni to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile - Day 43

Tour Day 3

20 °C

4.30am. I'd already been up for 2 hours though with massive stomach cramps. I could still taste the onion lasagne and thought that was to blame. We packed in the dark, save for a few torch lights, and I felt so sick and bloated too. I couldn't eat breakfast either, which anyone who knows me understands is really unusual! There was even fruit salad and pancakes and I still couldn't eat!

We set off in the dark to the geysers. The sunrise in the desert was lovely. When we arrived at the geysers it was cold and windy, and we were getting higher in altitude. The geysers were cool but after a while I had to let Andrew stay and take the pictures as I headed to one side as i thought i was going to be sick. Alan was there too, also thinking he was going to be sick, but from alcohol! We couldn't be sick so we wished each other luck for the journey ahead.

The next stop was an early morning dip in some hot water springs.

First stop for me was the back of a building to be sick though :( I thought this might help but it was the start of the end! Luckily though I was well enough at this point to get in the pool. Here, we were at almost 5,000ft above sea level, the highest altitude we'd been at, and it was cold and windy outside but getting into that hot spring was like walking into boiling water. It was almost too hot to stand, but slowly your body became used to it and it was really nice. Once I got out I started to feel horrible again and had to use the loo!

It's not fun being sick and needing the toilet in a bumpy jeep driving through the desert. I drank dioralyte and took Imodium and Imodium instants, but everything was coming back up. There was another lagoon and the Dali landscape, which signaled the end of our tour, and I was annoyed to have been ill for them and also for our goodbye to everyone on the tour that was going back to Uyuni instead of on to Chile, which included Lucy and George.

I somehow managed to get through the journey to border control out of Bolivia and into Chile, and the bus drive in the middle to San Pedro de Atacama. The bus driver was so nice to me though, Gonzalez told him I was sick and he let me sit up front with him and drove really slowly.

We arrived at hostel Mamatierra at lunch time and it was like my body knew I was near a toilet! I couldn't stop being sick and going to the loo for about 4 hours, I couldn't even keep water down and nothing was working. So the £40 medical kit finally came in to good use! I took some antibiotics that were in there for just this reason. I then managed to sleep for a few hours and when I woke up I felt a little better (I could lift my head off the pillow!) and could keep a dioralyte down. Thank you Nomad for making us buy the really expensive kit!

And that was the story of my first bug abroad!

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