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Buenos Aires - Day 18

Power cuts and Roadworks aren't fun...

31 °C

We'd planned for a lazy day researching the rest of the trip, uploading photos and just generally relaxing as tomorrow we were heading to Peru. Early afternoon, the fan that had been keeping us cool in the 30+ degree heat stopped spinning and the music playing in the hostel went silent. Our first power cut.

The receptionist said this happened a lot and couldn't tell us when it would be back on, with the words 'F***ing Buenos Aires'! This didn't look good. A couple of hours later the power can back on, a massive sigh of relief echoed around the hostel as the fans began to cool everyone down. But this was short lived when maybe half an hour later everything went off again.

Andrew cooked early in a the semi-dark, then we went out for a walk to cool off and had a cold beer. Back at the hostel - after helping an older lady with a walking stick up the stairs with her dinner so she could eat in the light on the terrace - it was still 30 degrees at night, and we had to choose between the heat in the room, or open the windows and deal with the city noise.

At 1am we were still awake, with the windows open, and an almighty noise came from outside. A machine began ripping up the road in front of our hostel and throwing the dirt into a truck. Who starts roadworks at 1am in the morning?!!! There were no signs of this stopping, so we closed the window, put ear plugs in and eventually fell into an uncomfortable sleep.

It's not all fun and glamour this travelling malarkey!

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I can totes sympathise with power cuts and noise! It's the worst thing when you are somewhere hot and want to sleep! Poor lovelies! I think we were lucky in BA and didn't have any cuts. The worst is Zanzibar where they have a cut for half the day everyday! The mainland Tanzanian government cut their supply each day!!! On the plus side it makes things atmospheric by night as cables are used everywhere but it's bloody hot!!! Pmsl xxx

by Marc Williams-Windsor

  • Candles not cables lol

by Marc Williams-Windsor

Marc it was so bloody hot! For a half a day?! That's crazy. It is quite nice to be by candlelight, but by a roaring fire not in 30+ degree heat!! xxx

by staceywaugh

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